Sharpening By Mail vs Mobile Operators

KnifeCare has clients all over Australia utilising our revolutionary service. Why? It’s all about CONVENIENCE. You can arrange to have your knives sharpened in just 3 clicks, 24/7. Your KnifeCare envelope is immediately dispatched with all you need to securely package your knives and send them to us, and SHIPPING IS FREE! Your knives are insured, trackable and will be safely returned to you sharper than ever before, all without you needing to leave the comfort of your home.

Until KnifeCares revolutionary service it's been necessary to take your blunt but valuable knives to mobile operators or dusty unhygienic workshops for sharpening. It's inconvenient, time consuming and more often than not their sharpening schedule doesn’t fit in with yours. You could drop off your blunt knives to retail shops like the Essential Ingredient, but they only sharpen once a month!

We knew there had be a faster, more convenient way. KnifeCare is now Australia's premier nationwide postal sharpening service and boy has it resonated! KnifeCare knife sharpening orders come in Australia wide, from regional areas like the Central Coast to major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We’ve simply combined the ancient art of knife sharpening with the convenience and the connectivity of the modern world.

We know many of you haven’t sharpened your knives in years, so let us look after them for you. In just 3 clicks you will be on your way to having your knives back sharper than ever before – guaranteed!