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Just like cleaning your home's exterior, part of your household's routine maintenance is knife sharpening. Your knives need care and attention every three to four months, depending on the frequency and gravity of use. These days, more people choose to contract professional knife sharpeners instead of sharpening their knives themselves — and for good reasons.

Why Sharpen Your Knives?

Knife sharpening can lead to accidents or injuries, especially if you don't have the essential equipment and technical know-how. You could also damage your knives if you aren't familiar with their composition and you don’t know how you should treat and sharpen them.

Each knife serves a unique purpose, and each type requires a different way of sharpening and care. Professional sharpeners have years of training and experience to handle different knife varieties, and they can recommend the most suitable methods for successful restoration.

The average craftsperson or workshop operator doesn't usually specialise in knife sharpening. Choose a company that employs skilled experts who know how to apply best practices using the latest technology to ensure your knives come out in good shape.

We accept online transactions where you can easily book your preferred service through our website from the comfort of your home. Simply choose among our numerous packaged rates and services, and send your knives through the mail.

Why Choose KnifeCare Knife Sharpening Perth?

KnifeCare Australia provides revolutionary knife sharpening services in Perth and neighboring areas. We specialise in kitchen knives, chef knives, paring knives, bread knives, Japanese knives, cleavers, steak knives, filet and boning knives, hunting and fishing knives, and even scissors. We can also fix most knives with broken tips.

Our goal is to provide you with the convenience and ease of letting our trained knife smiths handle your tools. You can be confident your knives are in good hands. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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