Your questions answered

How long before my knives are returned sharpened?

Your knifeCare envelope will spend three days in transit, two of which will contain your knives; allowing an extra 24 hours for the actual sharpening service sees most knives returned sharp in as little as 4 days. To be safe though we ask that you allow 5-6 business days. We know every second you have without your knives is inconvenient and understand our customers satisfaction largely depends on delivery times. For that reason you can rest assured we want your knives delivered back faster than you ever expected. Try us, you won’t be disappointed.

Is it safe to send knives via mail?

Australia Post prohibits, in all services, sharp edged and pointed articles unless they are packaged in a certain way (D3.10 – Sharp and pointed articles). More information can be found via the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging guide, January 2020. The KnifeCare Australia sheaths and envelopes comply with the standard set out by Australia Post.

How much are my knives insured for?

Australia Post will exercise due care and skill in supplying you with their services. However, the nature of postal services is such that circumstances may impact on the successful delivery of your article.

Express Post services are suitable for sending items up to $100 in value. KnifeCare Australia offers an additional $100 cover for all its clients at no extra charge. If you would like to take out additional insurance, up to the value $5,000, we can arrange at an additional charge. Please email us directly on if you'd like to find out more.

Can you fix knives with broken tips?

We sure can! We can reshape knifes to give them a new tip. The length of the knife will be slightly shorter and in some instances the shape of the knife is slightly altered but it’s rarely detectable. We charge an extra $20 for this service and will be in touch to seek your approval before we commence work on the knife. If we believe we can’t get a result in keeping with the knife, we will discuss the best possible options with you before we commence.

Can you fix broken handles?

No, we specialise in sharpening only. We know of an excellent blacksmith who we can put you in touch with to discuss the option of repairing your knife handle. Please get in touch so we can pass on his details.

What angle to sharpen your knives?

All knives are different dependent on what their designed purpose is. For example, a filleting knife is vastly different to a meat clever and so is the bevel angle. Angles in knives typically vary from 10 to 30 degrees with most kitchen knives ranging between 17 and 22 degrees. Our knife smiths will determine the best possible angle for your knife.

What if I’m not happy with the result?

Geez, this never happens, but if you aren’t happy with the result then we certainly aren’t either. We will arrange for the knife to be sent back us to be re-sharpened. If you are still unhappy after that we will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

How long will my knives remain sharp?

It varies greatly depending on how they are cared for on a daily basis and how often they are used. We highly recommend you store your knives on a magnetic strip or in a knife block with the spine of the knife contacting the wood of the block. Knives should never be stored in a cutlery draw where the fine edge can be easily damaged. Most domestic knives that are regularly used on a honing rod generally only need sharpening twice a year.

What if my knife doesn’t fit inside the envelop or the sheaths don’t fit?

If your knife does not fit into the KnifeCare envelope then we are unable to accept it for sharpening. Please get in touch with us to ascertain if we are able to arrange another suitable way to securely post your knife. Please understand this usually results in additional charges as it falls outside the norms of what we sharpen.

If the knife sheaths do not fit your knife or you have damaged the sheaths in the process of placing them on the knife, we suggest using the cut off pieces from other sheaths to protect the blade and tip. An alternative is to wrap the knives in newspaper and secure with tape.