Knife Sharpening By Mail

Your knives, returned to you in only a few days, sharper than ever!

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Once you receive your KnifeCare Australia tracked, insured and recyclable envelope, place the supplied sheaths on your knives and seal your knives inside. Then just pop the envelope in any Australia Express Post box. 


Using the latest in German engineering technology, our KnifeCare Australia Knifesmiths will expertly repair and restore your prized knives back to their original condition - only sharper! 


In only a few days your beloved knives will be returned to you. Enjoy slicing and cutting your favourite ingredients with knives that are sharper than new. You'll never let them get that blunt again! 

Frustrated with blunt knives?

Send them to us and let us weave our magic.

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We repair chipped and broken knives

We remove minor chips along the blade when we service your knives. For a small fee we can also repair extensively damaged knives, restoring them back to new. 

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Life is too short for blunt knives...

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