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...care for your knives

Preparing meals with dull knives is frustrating not to mention unsafe. Preparing meals with sharp knives is such a pleasure. So, find those quality knives you haven't used for ages and send them to us to take care of today.

...respect your time

We know how busy you are. Finding somewhere to take your blunt knives just isn't possible, so we tend to just buy cheap ones. It takes just minutes to send us your precious knives and in only a few days, you will be enjoying cooking with them again. 

...protect our planet

Don't buy cheap knives to replace your blunt ones - recycle and reuse your precious quality knives by having us restore them to sharper than they have ever been. We love our planet and use recycled packaging to lovingly wrap and send your knives.

It's just so convenient

In just three clicks your envelope will be on its way to you! 


Revolutionising the industry


Your precious knives are insured when you send them to us

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