Tip & Chip Repairs

Tip Repair

Knives are robust tools which can sustain a reasonable amount of ill treatment. Good knife-making involves forging and hardening the steel, allowing a fine edge to be ground without softening the metal. However, knives are still vulnerable at the tip, where the steel is thinnest. If your knife happens to fall off your kitchen bench and are unlucky enough for it to land on the tip there is a good chance the tip will break away. The good news is your knife isn’t doomed. In most instances it can be reshaped to align a new tip. At KnifeCare Australia we do this over a sufficient amount of time using a water cooled grinding wheel ensuring the blade never heats up enough to affect the temper of the knife. Our knifesmiths aim is to keep the profile of the knife as close to the original as possible and in most instances apart from being slightly shorter, the knife functions, performs and handles like it always has.

Chip Repair

We use the same process to repair chips along the blade. The reasons why knives get chips in blades vary, but most commonly using the wrong knife for the job results in chips. Using your kitchen utility knife as a meat clever to chop through bones is never a great idea!

Tackling a chip on a knife is dependent on its location, the depth of the chip, length of the blade and the material of the knife was constructed with, just to name a few.

For these reasons we don’t charge for tip and chip repair upfront. We ask you send your knives in for sharpening as normal and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss the repair and the extent to which your blade will be altered. Typically though, the vast majority of knives with chip and broken tips over 5mm in depth are repaired for $20 over and above the sharpening fee. For chips and tips broken less than that we don't charge. We won’t progress with the charged repair service without first speaking with you first. If you opt not to have the knife repaired after speaking with us we can progress with the sharpening service or return the knife to you unsharpened.