How to keep your knife sharp.

To keep a knife sharp, follow these tips for proper maintenance. First, use a cutting board made of wood or plastic to minimize damage to the blade. Avoid cutting on hard surfaces like stone or glass that can quickly dull the knife. Next, practice good cutting techniques, such as using smooth, controlled motions and avoiding excessive force or twisting. Regularly hone your knife by using a honing steel or rod to realign the blade's edge, helping to maintain sharpness between sharpening. Speaking of sharpening, it's essential to sharpen your knife when needed. You can use whetstones, sharpening systems, or seek professional assistance like our sharpening by mail service here at KnifeCare Australia. Store your knives properly to prevent dulling, using a knife block, magnetic strip, or sheaths to protect the blades. Hand wash your knives instead of using the dishwasher, as harsh detergents and agitation can dull the blade or cause rust. Finally, use your knife for its intended purpose and avoid tasks like prying or opening cans that can damage the blade. By following these practices, you can keep your knife sharp, ensuring efficient and safe cutting in the kitchen.