Knife Sharpening in Wollongong

Have Your Knives Back Sharper Than Ever

Your cherished knives can lose their sharpness over time. Although you can buy a new one in any Wollongong marketplace, using your favourite knife makes you feel more confident when dicing and slicing. It gives you superpowers! Perhaps you've tried sharpening it on your own. But the process takes valuable time and might be risky if you're not a trained bladesmith.

If you're in Wollongong City and looking for a skilled knife sharpener, please try our knife-sharpening services at KnifeCare Australia. Our reputation is sharp and skillful, just like your precision slicing with your best blade. What's more, we make knife sharpening more convenient with our hassle-free and timely process.

Sharpening Different Kinds of Knives

No job is too large or too small at KnifeCare Australia—we can sharpen anything from a single knife to a full set, depending upon your requirements. Our packages depend on the number of knives you have. You may select from the following packages:

  • 1-5 knives
  • Seven knives
  • Ten knives
  • A set of up to 14 knives

Our bladesmiths can sharpen any kinds of knives, including chef knives, kitchen knives, bread knives, pairing knives, Japanese knives, steak knives, hunting and fishing knives, fillet and boning knives, pocket knives, scissors, and cleavers. If you have a specific or unusual knife that requires sharpening, please reach out to us, and we'll let you know if we can't handle it. That is pretty rare.

Easy-to-Follow Steps to Deliver Your Knife for Sharpening

Simply choose a KnifeCare Australia knife-sharpening package that suits your needs. Once you've selected a package, our team will send you a customized, protective shipping envelope in which you can place your knives. Then, you send the knives to our workshop using any Australia Express Post box. Once received, our bladesmiths will sharpen your blades and return them to you usually within three days.

Work Faster and Safer With a Newly Sharpened Knife

Aside from sharpening knives, KnifeCare Australia can also repair broken knife tips at an additional charge of $20. Please contact our Wollongong team to take advantage of our services today.

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