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Specialised Knife Sharpening Service

Whether you’re a restaurant chef or a home cook, having a sharp knife is essential to making smooth cuts while you’re preparing food. A blunt knife that hinders your control and precision can make things messy, and dull knives are more prone to cut you.

When it comes to knife-sharpening services in Gold Coast City, Knife Care Australia delivers the best expertise to hone your well-loved implements. We offer specialised knife-sharpening services that enable you to work faster and safer in the kitchen.

Various Knife-Sharpening Packages for Your Many Cooking Needs

At KnifeCare Australia, we offer a variety of sharpening packages depending upon the number of knives you want us to sharpen. If you wish to sharpen either a single knife or a complete set of knives, we have you covered. Our sharpening packages include the following options:

  • 1-5 knives
  • seven knives
  • ten knives
  • a maximum of 14 knives

We can sharpen different types of knife blades. These include common kitchen knives, special chef knives, pairing knives, bread knives, Japanese knives, cleavers, steak knives, filet and boning knives, hunting, and fishing knives, pocket knives—and even scissors.

Send Your Knives to Our Skillful Bladesmiths

Once you’ve picked out the knife-sharpening package that meets your needs, we will send you a trackable and custom-made shipping envelope as well as some sheaths to protect the tools in transit. Simply put your knives inside the envelope, then send it to us through any Australia Express Post box.

As soon as your knives arrive at our workshop, our team of knife smiths will sharpen them using the latest German technology. We will restore that razor-sharp edge to your culinary tools yet again.

Fast Turnaround Time and Easy Process

KnifeCare Australia offers convenience, promptness, and dependability. We ensure your knives and track the shipment, so you won’t have to worry about them getting misplaced. Within 24 hours, our bladesmiths can bring back the previous glory of your knives; within a few days, we will return your tools to you so you can dice, slice, cleave, and fillet with ease yet again.

Let KnifeCare Australia Fix Your Blunt and Broken Knives

Aside from sharpening, we can also repair knives with broken knife tips. Our Gold Coast team can reshape a knife to give it a new tip. Contact us today to take advantage of our knife sharpening and repair services.

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