Is knife sharpening a lost art?

Talk to any gentleman over the age of 65 and chances are he will know, at least the very basic principles of sharpening knives. Why then, as time has gone by, has this basic life skill been lost to all but the most mature members of our society?

Back in the day, knife making was lauded as a craft and the knives produced a prized possession of the household. It wasn’t a throw away society back then; quality mattered, tools were used for a lifetime and many handed down through the generations as heirlooms. As the decades pass, the pace of life has led to a ‘quick fix’ mentality where we replace, rather than repair and reuse. 

Quality knives are still highly valued, but until recently, it’s been simpler to buy a cheap disposable one than be troubled with the inconvenience of getting out the wet stone and bringing back the edge of blade you received as a wedding present decade’s earlier. Businesses shot up that attempted to fulfill the need mainly via mobile sharpening businesses or drop in centers, but they failed to address the primary need of their customers - convenience.

Its for this reason KnifeCare was established. We wanted to bring back all those amazingly beautiful knives across Australia but knew we needed to fit into our customers life seamlessly and conveniently. We strive every day to do this and believe there isn’t a competitor in the market that comes close to our service. We invite you try KnifeCare where we’ve combined the ancient art of knife sharpening with the latest technology, integrated conveniently into the lives of our customers.