How much does it cost to have someone sharpen a knife?

The cost of having someone sharpen a knife can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of knife, the level of expertise of the person performing the sharpening, the region or location, and any additional services offered.

In general, professional knife sharpening cost in the vicinity of $15 per knife. This price range may be higher for specialty or custom knives, or if the service includes additional steps like honing or polishing which KnifeCare includes with every order.

Using a mail-in service allows you to have your knives sharpened without the need to visit a physical location. This can be particularly useful if you don't have a local knife sharpening service or if you're unable to drop off your knives in person. You may have to pay a little more but the convenience far outweighs the small extra cost.

Using a mail-in service can save you time and effort. Instead of finding the time to source a local business then call and drop them off, you can simply place your order knowing your knives will be returned in a sharpened and restored condition.

Place your oder today, you won't be disappointed.